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  • Registered Agent Services
  • SOSCompliance Reporting
  • FCC and PUCS Reporting
  • Monthly Escrow Account Reconciliation
  • Customer Portal with Copies of all Filings
  • Designated Regulatory Obligations Expert
  • Property Tax Reporting


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  • State and Local Communications Tax Return Preparation
  • Filings and Remittance of State and Local Tax Return
  • Monthly Tax Ledger
  • Escrow Bank Account
  • Monthly Escrow Account Reconciliation
  • Exemption Certificate Preparation
  • Tax Permit Renewals
  • Customer Portal with Copies of all Filings
  • Designed Communication Tax Expert


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  • All FASReg Features
  • All FASTax Features

FASComp Plus

Full Market Entry Support and Remove your Communications Tax and Regulatory Obligations Burden

  • All FASReg Features
  • All FASComp Features
  • Security of State Certificates
  • FCC Registrations / Applications
  • PUC Certifications
  • Tax Permitting

Frequently asked questions

Do VoIP providers pay communications tax?

Yes. The confusion lies with the sometimes controversial Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA), passed in 1998. ITFA does prohibit federal, state and local governments from taxing internet access and from imposing discriminatory internet-only taxes. There were a few states that were “grandfathered” and were allowed to charge tax on internet access; these grandfathered rules have been revoked as of July 1, 2020. ITFA has no application to the taxability of telecommunications services. Understanding that VoIP is not tax-free, each state (and in some situations, each local jurisdiction) is able to decide whether VoIP is taxable or not. For example, California at the state level does not tax VoIP, but various cities in California apply a local utility users tax to VoIP.

I'm a reseller, not a telecommunications service provider. Do I pay communications tax?

Yes. If you are sending an invoice to your customer for telecommunications service and the customer believes and recognizes that you are providing the service, then you may be considered a telecommunications service provider. As a telecommunications service provider, you are responsible for collecting and remitting the applicable taxes and regulatory fees.

I don't have nexus, do I don't need to collect and remit any taxes, correct?

As a telecom service provider, you are using infrastructure within a state to deliver your service. This infrastructure includes cell towers, fiber, switched and so on. You may not own this infrastructure, but if it were not present, you could not deliver your service. As a communication service provider, wherever you have customers, you must collect the taxes.

Does my carrier or telecommunication service provider handle all of my taxes for me?

The main factor to consider is that by providing VoIP service, you are now considered a telecom service provider. And as a service provider, you have direct responsibilities related to taxes and regulatory fees. Your upstream carrier may be charging you these various taxes and fees, but that does not relieve your responsibility.