Communications Tax. Done.

Finally - a trusted partner for managing all your Communications Tax and compliance obligations.


Don't let Communications Tax jeopardize your business with crippling penalties and interest

  • Defend your future from Communications Tax mistakes
  • Arm yourself with an expert; you deserve more

Communications Tax is hard; we make it easy

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All Inclusive

We handle ALL of your Communications Tax obligations. A one-stop shop.

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Communications Tax Experts

20+ years in regulatory and Communications Tax compliance. Tax communication is our passion.


Zero Risk

Avoid costly penalties and interest from doing it wrong. Accurate reporting via proprietary software.


All Formats

Support all data sources regardless of format. Less headache and more time for your business.

Our process

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Comprehensive Communications Tax and Regulatory Compliance Review

Share your compliance worries and issues with us

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Explore Your Options

See the different plans and what makes sense for your business

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Get Peace of Mind

Let your personal advisor get your Communications Tax in order so you don't have to think about Communications Tax again

Communications Tax can feel like flying a 747

Put it on autopilot with FAStek


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Communications Tax is hard; we make it easy. But don't take our word for it.

Dominate Communications Tax

Pricing for single state and multiple state businesses - combining regulatory and Communications Tax compliance in one offering


Remove your Regulatory Obligations Burden

  • Registered Agent Services
  • SOSCompliance Reporting
  • FCC and PUCS Reporting
  • Monthly Escrow Account Reconciliation
  • Customer Portal with Copies of all Filings
  • Designated Regulatory Obligations Expert
  • Property Tax Reporting


Remove your Communication Tax Burden

  • State and Local Communications Tax Return Preparation
  • Filings and Remittance of State and Local Tax Return
  • Monthly Tax Ledger
  • Escrow Bank Account
  • Monthly Escrow Account Reconciliation
  • Exemption Certificate Preparation
  • Tax Permit Renewals
  • Customer Portal with Copies of all Filings
  • Designed Communication Tax Expert


Remove your Communications Tax and Regulatory Obligations Burden

  • All FASReg Features
  • All FASTax Features

FASComp Plus

Full Market Entry Support and Remove your Communications Tax and Regulatory Obligations Burden

  • All FASReg Features
  • All FASComp Features
  • Security of State Certificates
  • FCC Registrations / Applications
  • PUC Certifications
  • Tax Permitting

Why fight Communications Tax when there's a superhero next door?

Don't stress about Communications Tax ever again.

As a communications business, tax and regulatory issues must be handled. With no internal experts to manage it, this becomes a daunting endeavor. We believe you shouldn't be burdened by the complexity of these issues.

What's the best way to tackle Communications Tax for your business?

Read our whitepaper:

Communications Tax: DIY or Hire a Professional